Steven Bregman

Steven is the President of Horizon Kinetics and is a co-founder of the Firm.  He is a senior member of the Firm’s research team, a member of the Investment Committee and Board, and supervises all research reports produced by the Firm.  As one of the largest independent research firms, Horizon Kinetics focuses on structurally inefficient market sectors, including domestic spin-offs, global spin-offs (The Spin-Off Report and (Global Spin-Off Report), distressed debt (Contrarian Fixed Income) and short sale candidates (Devil’s Advocate), among others.  Horizon Kinetics has also taken an interest in creating functionally improved indexes, such as the Spin-Off Indexes and the Wealth Indexes (which incorporate the owner-operator return variable). Steve is also the President and CFO of FRMO Corp., a publicly traded company with interests in Horizon Kinetics and is a member of the Board of Directors of Winland Electronics, Inc.  He received a BA from Hunter College, and his CFA® Charter in 1989. Steve has authored a variety of papers, notably “Spin-offs Revisited: A Review of a Structural Pricing Anomaly” (1996) and “Equity Strategies and Inflation” (2012).