Time-Tested Investment Culture and Process

Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLC, the manager of the Funds, is an employee-owned firm led by senior investors who have worked together for over 30 years. Our founders have instilled a collaborative and collegial environment that has fostered a culture where analysts and portfolio managers can build long-term careers. As a result, there has been little turnover which has produced greater consistency in interpretation and application of the Firm’s philosophy. In addition, senior investment team members have a significant portion of their wealth invested alongside our clients, reiterating their dedication to our Firm, investment philosophy, and ultimately our clients.

Unique Approach

Our Firm is unique because of our long-term, contrarian investment philosophy and our dedication to in-house proprietary research. The Firm’s intellectual capability is our most important asset which we offer to our clients through our investment advisory services and our research products. The investment team focuses on companies we believe possess “predictive attributes” (spin-offs, owner operated companies, dormant/hidden assets, among others) rather than traditional benchmark-oriented parameters.

We believe our non-traditional approach to research, which serves as the foundation for our security selection process, sets our work apart from mainstream investors, as demonstrated by our consistently high long-term peer performance rankings and lower excess return correlations compared to peers.

Our Team

The Funds’ investment team is led by co-founders Peter Doyle and Murray Stahl, each with over 30 years of investment experience. The investment team consists of 18 seasoned investment professionals that have an average tenure of 15 years with the Firm and 27 years in the industry.