Tax Forms & Documents

2014 Tax Guide

The 2014 Tax Guide can be found below.



Income from Foreign Sources

The income from Foreign Sources Subject to Foreign Tax Credit Form for the Kinetics Global Fund can be found below.


Capital Loss Carryforwards

Information regarding the Kinetics Fund Capital Loss Carryforwards can be found below.



FORM 1099-DIVs: The scheduled mailing date for 1099-DIVs for all clients is February 17, 2015.

For additional tax or other account related information, please contact our shareholder services line at 1-800-930-3828.


Historical distributions information for the Kinetics Mutual Funds can be found here.


Review Frequently Asked Questions relating to the account initiation process and other investment related items.


Neither Horizon Kinetics, LLC. nor its subsidiaries, including Kinetics, provide tax or legal advice to their clients and all investors are urged to consult their tax and legal advisors regarding any potential strategy or investment.